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"Breathing is FREE"

Breathing is FREE

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I have been committed to achieving and maintaining excellent health all my life. It is my passion, my lifestyle and my hobby. Personally, I thrive on all levels when I am feeling healthy. This is what I want to pass onto all of my clients; a general well being that radiates health from the roots up.

To help you reach your goals I will ask many questions and listen attentively. Together we will dig for the deeper causes of your health challenges. I am excited and fully committed to help you and teach you ways to better care for yourself and rediscover your own unique balance of health.

Q: Why Body Rejuvenation?

A: To "re-ju-ve-nate"  ;1) The phenomenon of vitality and freshness being restored 2)To renew, restore to an original condition of youthful vigor, to make young again 3) The erosive power (of a stream of water) by uplifting or removal of a barrier on the stream bed - could this relate to the cleansing of the Colon?

Find out if you could benefit from a simple cleansing regime by completing Vanessa's Detox Quiz

    1.   Do you have trouble sleeping?

    2.   Do you feel bloated or gain weight easily?

    3.   Do you have sore muscles for no apparent reason?

    4.   Do you have occasional, mild headaches?

    5.   Do you often feel tired or have a lack of energy?

    6.   Do you have difficulty  concentrating?

    7.   Are you easily irritated or feel moody?

    8.   Do you have digestive or intestinal discomfort?

    9.   Do you feel like you're not as healthy as other people your age?

    10  Do you wake up feeling unrefreshed?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions listed then a simple program could help you to feel better and have more energy in as little as 10 days! Contact us for details

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Body Rejuvenation:

                  a thorough whole body approach to health and vitality

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Body Rejuvenation


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